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With Covid-19 becoming a part of our lives that will not go away, we need to look at air purification more seriously! You wouldn't drink dirty water, so why breathe dirty air? There are many misconceptions about the air quality inside of your home. Many people think that the current filter in your furnace room is enough. The truth is all that filter does is collect dust particles. It does NOT clean, purify, removes bacteria and viruses from the air inside your home. You need a filter that works with your current filter to clean the air. We have an Air Purifier that utilizes ultraviolet light technology that can clean the air in your entire home! Plus, our system is manufactured right here in Toronto! The Second Wind Air Purifier is perfect for all home and commercial applications!

 Air Purifier Installation and Service

Why choose the Nitra Systems Air Purifier:

  • 2. ZERO Maintenance!
  • 3. It Actually WORKS!

Most Air Purifying Systems on the market only clean a certain amount of rooms and cost thousands of dollars! For a fraction of the cost, our Air Purifier Can clean all the air that passes through your house. Call Now to book! Starting at $849

All of these other Air Purifiers on the market have HEPA filters and moving parts that require changing, cleaning or maintenance. For our Second Wind Filter, we install it and forget it! Our bulbs last 2 years without needing to be changed.

The Second Wind Filter has been tested on Corona Viruses for the past 10 years! It was originally created for the MERS Virus.

It kills 97% of Bacteria and Viruses, VOCs, and allergens!