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Professional BBQ Cleaning, Repair, and Assembly in Toronto and the GTA

If your BBQ is dirty, covered in grease, and in need of a proper professional cleaning; Nitra Systems is the number one choice in Toronto and the GTA for BBQ cleaning. Our trained professionals come to you with all the tools, cleaning agents, and expertise to remove the grease and grime from your BBQ and grill and get it back to looking like new!

A dirty BBQ is a health hazard and reduces the longevity of your grill!

Your BBQ can quickly become a breeding ground for mold, insects, and carcinogens, which will contaminate the food you’re grilling. Grease build-up is not only a fire hazard but will affect your BBQ’s performance. Taking apart a BBQ can be messy and very time-consuming, as well as difficult to reassemble. Not maintaining your BBQ is the number one cause of parts breaking or the BBQ not working.

BBQ cleaning and maintenance is a must to get the most value out of your BBQ!

Nitra Systems services all makes and models of BBQs. We carefully disassemble your unit and get to work cleaning and scrubbing each part using the highest quality environmentally and food-grade cleaning materials. The process generally takes 2 hours depending on the type and state of your BBQ.

BBQ Cleaning, Installation & Repair Services
  • What we do
  • Scrape grease off all components.
  • Remove all BBQ components from the BBQ and inspect them for damage.
  • Soak all components in a food-grade degreaser.
  • Hand scrub all components.
  • Vacuum out dirt and debris from the BBQ
  • Clean and polish the outside of the BBQ with Steel cleaner
  • Reassemble BBQ.
  • Give you a written inspection with recommendations, tips, and tricks on how to maintain your grill.

Take your BBQ from filthy to fabulous today! See why hundreds of people and year trust Nitra Systems to clean, assemble and hook up their BBQs. Reach out to book your seasonal BBQ cleaning with Nitra Systems today! BBQ cleanings start at $189.99, prices vary depending on the size and condition of the BBQ.