Furnace Inspection and Cleaning Services in Toronto, GTA & Richmond Hill, ON

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Nitra Systems is founded on the principals that you get an excellent and honest customer experience for a fair price. No matter how big or small your problem is Nitra Systems is here to assist you with your Heating, Gas and Air Filtration needs.

Professional Furnace Inspection and Cleaning by Licensed Technicians

Let’s be honest, our winters are BRUTAL! The cold will come suddenly and Nitra Systems is here to help you be prepared and ready. The best way to get ready for the heating season is to get your furnace regularly inspected and cleaned. This way you can stay ahead of those pesky small problems before they turn into big ones. Our fully licensed technicians will inspect and clean your furnace to make sure it’s running as well as possible!

Not maintaining your furnace is the number one cause of your furnace breaking and can be a health hazard!

A broken furnace can quickly become very costly to fix especially in the wintertime. Most major problems that can happen from an unmaintained furnace could have been prevented with seasonal maintenance. All the air that passes through your house has to go through your furnace. When a furnace is left unmaintained it can become covered in dust, spiders, rust, and bacteria, if this is left unclean that means you are breathing in all of this bacteria. Here are some typical problems that can arise from not maintaining your furnace:

  • Thermostat malfunction.
  • Air filters clogged or dirty.
  • The furnace heats unevenly or intermittently
  • Inefficient furnace operation causing higher than normal power bills.
  • Furnace overheating.
  • The pilot light going out.
  • Furnace making odd or unusual noises
  • Unpleasant odors.
  • Possible carbon monoxide leaks

Maintaining your furnace regularly will increase the longevity of your furnace and save you money!

Nitra Systems takes care of all makes and models and will never recommend any service unless it is 100% necessary.

Furnace Installation & Repair Services
  • Our Furnace Inspection and Cleaning includes:
  • Microfiber cloth wiping down the furnace and surrounding piping/ venting.
  • Burners cleaned and inspected for damage
  • The flame sensor is removed and cleaned.
  • Blower motor compartment cleaned.
  • Heat exchanger inspected for damage.
  • Venture motor cleaned.
  • Furnace inspected to be in working order.
  • A written assessment with tips, tricks, and any recommendations on to improve your heating.

Don’t be left in the cold! Book a furnace cleaning and inspection with us today! See why hundreds of people trust Nitra Systems every year with the proper care of their furnaces. Book now and go into next winter with confidence that your heat will stay on!